Provider Referrals

The Quit Line works

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line is a proven treatment extender to help your patients quit, as shown in the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline: Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence.

We offer any Wisconsin resident who is 13 or older free coaching and medications to help them quit tobacco use.

The quit coach can also provide access to a secure Web forum for Quit Line callers where they can develop quit plans and support each other.

Systematically Refer Patients

Your clinic or system can sign up to refer patients via fax or EHR.

To get started, talk to your regional outreach specialist from the University of Wisconsin.

Doctor and patient

Refer an Individual Patient

You or your patient can request services by doing one of these 24/7:

To get started, advise your patient to:

Web Coach. See what your patient can expect from online coaching.


Print Materials. To access materials to download or print for your patients, click here.

Download a 2-minute video about the Quit Line to show your patients.