Quit Line Materials

Print MaterialsIf you want free materials on the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line, you’ve come to the right place!

We have brochures, bookmarks, posters and business cards.

You have 4 options to acquire them:

1) Print on Your Own

Print On Demand

Click here to access materials you can print on your desktop.


2) Pick Up Materials

Pick Up Materials

Get your free, printed Quit Line materials at our Madison office:

1930 Monroe Street, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53711

Please send a request for pickup ahead of time by e-mail at quitline@ctri.wisc.edu.

3) Order by Mail

Order by Mail

Receive Quit Line business cards or bookmarks via FedEx by providing us with your FedEx account number for shipment billing purposes. You will be charged for delivery only. Send your materials request, your mailing address and FedEx information to quitline@ctri.wisc.edu. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping and handling.

4) Professional Printing

Files for Printing

You have permission to add your organization’s logo to the Quit Line materials and have them professionally printed. Here’s how to do so:

a) First, download the files here: Download Quit Line Materials (high resolution)

b) Next, add your logo if desired.

c) Finally, send the PDF files to a professional print shop.

NOTE: Quit Line posters and brochures are no longer available by mail or pick up. However, you may print them using option 4 (Professional Printing) above.

Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line!