Quit Line Helped Derrick Quit Vaping

DerrickDerrick started vaping when he was 17, a decision he now regrets.

For years, he had wanted to quit, but was leery he’d feel sluggish and struggle to focus.

“I was afraid to take that first step,” he said. “Then I decided to just do it.”

He called the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line and got tips from a quit coach. The Quit Line sent him free nicotine patches in the mail. “That helped,” he said. “It really did.

“I feel much better. I can focus even more now than before.”

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit LineFor others who want to quit vaping, Derrick recommends avoiding triggers, such as people who smoke or vape.

He also recommends the Quit Line. “Without it, I’d probably still be addicted.”

Anyone ages 13 and older with a Wisconsin area code can get free help to quit vaping, smoking, or chewing tobacco from the Quit Line by calling 800-QUIT-NOW or by registering online.