Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.


Q: How old do you have to be to get free services from the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line?
A: Teens 13-17 who want to quit smoking can register online to get free support and live chat with a coach. They can get free help to quit vaping via text from Live Vape Free. Adults can get free coaching and medications via phone, text, or online chat. Call 800-QUIT-NOW or register online.

Q: How much free medication can I get?
A: For a limited time, the Quit Line will offer one 8-week shipment of nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge, or combination patch+gum or patch+lozenge to registered participants (if medically eligible, must be an adult). They arrive within 2 weeks. While supplies last! After that, the Quit Line will send a 2-week supply.

Q: What do we know about COVID-19 and tobacco use?
A: Scientists are still studying the risks, but here’s what we know.

Q: Do you offer services for vaping or chewing tobacco?
A: Absolutely. Call 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) to get started 24/7!

Q: Where do I find fact business cards about the Quit Line, or fact sheets I can print? 
A: Right here!

Q: My question isn’t listed here. Now what?
A: Our apologies. Please email us here and we’ll respond within 2 business days.