The Quit Line Helped Mary Quit Smoking

Mary Tucker quit smoking with the help of the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line
Mary Tucker wanted to quit smoking and lose weight for her New Year’s resolution, and she did just that with the help of the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.

Mary Tucker started smoking when she was 15, while her young brain was still growing, and kept lighting up for 50 years. But, late in 2018, she quit for good with the help of the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.


“I did this for me,” Tucker said proudly. “I promised myself for New Year’s I was really going to do it this time.”

She said the combination of the free medication and coaching from the Quit Line made the difference. She used the patches for a steady dose of nicotine, and the nicotine lozenge when she had urges.

Now you can get started three ways:

The Quit Line uses similar techniques to help people quit vaping as they would those who want to cease smoking, taking into account the total nicotine in the vape products as best they can.

“The Quit Line has done a terrific job of serving smokers across the state who want to quit,” said Dr. Michael Fiore. “Whether they are a patient referred from a clinic in Wausau, or someone in Milwaukee visiting online, the Quit Line is there to help 24/7.”

Tucker agrees. She would refer a friend to the Quit Line, and would be there to support the friend—just as the Quit Line was there for her when she needed it. Her quit coach helped her break the routine of having a cigarette with her morning coffee. Tucker is elated to have quit.

“I can do more, breathe more than I could before,” Tucker said. “I got a little more energy than I did before.”